The Official Rules of Engagement for No-Shave November

It’s No-Shave November, which means it’s beard growin’ time. Not only do us men get the opportunity to strut our facial hair, we get to do it for an important cause. With all the hype of No-Shave November i.e. hashtags, hipster beards and so-on, we can lose sight of the point of this haircentric month. This facial hair challenge isn’t  just for exacting your beardly manliness on the world, it’s actually here to drive awareness around prostate cancer and general men’s health. This hairy trend started back in 2003 in Australia with Movember ® (a mustache-focused take on No-Shave November), and gained traction in the States in 2009 with the No-Shave November we’ve grown to know and love. Both foundations have raised over $18 million for men’s health programs since 2015 alone. So yes, all of those hipster beards, ‘beardruff’, and general itchiness was for a legitimate reason.

Zhou Nutrition No Shave November

If you have facial hair, it’s your manly duty to participate in at least one of these campaigns at some point in your life. You could say it’s kind of our social responsibility (and also a great excuse to embrace your inner-mountain man). Before you get started, there are rules of engagement for No Shave November that you must follow in order to claim beard bragging rights come December 1. Start the season right with these easy steps:

1. Register to participate and support the cause.

Start the season right by setting up your official fundraising page and/or donating to the cause at No-Shave November’s official site. Whether you want to go solo or organize an entire team of fellow beard-growing fundraisers, this is a great way to make each and every hair matter. You can also donate to the cause—the idea is that all the money you would normally spend on beard grooming can be invested in cancer research and helping to support cancer patients and their caregivers. You can donate to specific teams, participants, or just make a general donation.  

2. Shave it all off on November 1st.

Sorry, guys. No matter how impressive your facial hair is, you have to shave it all off and start fresh on November 1 to participate. Even if your beard has reached Gandalf the Great proportions, you’ll have to kiss it goodbye. As you weep forlornly in the mirror and take the first hack at your facial hair, remember it’s for a good cause. Plus, you’re about to start a new chapter of beard history. A healthy, properly formed beard starts today! Once you’ve cleaned up your mug, put your razor and grooming tools away. They’ll be collecting dust for the next 30 days while you become a real-life Chia pet.

3. Improve beard growth from within.

Whether you’re a veteran facial hair connoisseur or usually avoid this kind of thing due to patchy growth, you have to start nourishing your beard and mustache from within. In order to reach new heights of Viking-likeness, you need to put the groundwork in. It all starts with the nutrients you put into your body. Wiry, thin hairs and uneven growth patterns can be partly attributed to nutrient deficiency. It’s difficult to get all of your nutrients from food alone, so start taking Zhou’s Iron Beard Daily Supplement. A blend of 18 essential proteins, vitamins, minerals, and herbs, so you can truly get to the root of the issue. You can use Iron Beard if you have thick, fine, coarse, or curly hair—and reap the benefits no matter your hair type while enjoying the additional ‘side effects’ of healthier hair on your scalp, glowing skin, and stronger nails. If you’re serious about doing this right, be sure to take Iron Beard everyday. You should begin to notice results in 3-4 weeks, the perfect timing to end No Shave November strong.

No Shave November Beard Supplements

4. Growing your beard can be a real ‘itch’, stay strong.

The first 6 weeks of beard growth can be akin to an itchy hell. Don’t suffer the discomfort and resulting ‘beardruff’, pamper yourself and get through No-Shave November unscathed. As soon as the first sign of stubble appears, condition your face and follicles with Iron Beard Soft & Shine Beard Oil. Lighter than a balm, Soft & Shine is the perfect leave-in conditioner to combat dry skin and support healthier hair. With a blend of jojoba, argan, and hemp seed oils, you just found the holy grail of beard nourishment. Clean, vegan, paraben-free, and with a long-lasting cedar and sandalwood scent, your face will smell like you just spent the morning galavanting through a forest on horseback. Use Soft & Shine alongside our Iron Beard dietary supplement, and your beard will become infamous across all the lands.

Beard Oil for No Shave November

5. Maintain your look.

Toward the end of November, things could start getting unruly. You should still use an oil as a leave-in conditioner at night, but it’ll be time to take daytime grooming up a notch. Enter our Iron Beard Sculpt & Smooth Beard Balm, the answer to all of your frizz and flyaway needs. Sculpt & Smooth deep-conditions to show those stubborn beard hairs who’s boss. Pure white beeswax and shea butter work together to help seal in moisture from jojoba, argan, and hemp seed oils. Hemp seed oil helps strengthen wiry, fragile hair for a fuller, healthier look. And you know we included that cedar and sandalwood scent because it is just too. Damn. Good. Simply apply with a beard brush, beard comb, or your hands to condition, shape, and add shine.

No Shave November Beard Balm Zhou Nutrition

Get ready to make this the best, most meaningful No-Shave November of your existence. Join the cause and take the necessary steps to grow your beard the right way. Be consistent with your Iron Beard arsenal, including our dietary supplement, beard oil, and beard balm. Remember, the best results (and accompanying bragging rights) are usually noticeable after 3-4 weeks of consistent use.

Now godspeed and happy beard growing!

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