Maca Root

servings per bottle: 60

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Product Description

Mood Support

Feeling blue? Maca root is an adaptogen that supports healthy energy levels and may help keep good vibes comin’.

Memory & Brain Performance

Step up your brain game. Our Maca Root serves to support brain function and memory.

Healthy Libido & Satisfaction

Keep the energy alive in the bedroom. Maca Root may help support healthy sexual energy and satisfaction.

Take two (2) capsules daily or as directed by your healthcare provider.

Maca Root is a powerful source of nutrients that may help to support sexual function, energy, and overall wellness. For those experiencing menopause or in need of prostate health support, Maca may help support hormone levels and bring balance to the mind. Maca is also a great source of natural energy that has been used by Peruvian peoples for thousands of years, and with the help of modern technology, weve harnessed the nutrients in Maca Root to bring the power of this ancient folk remedy to you. Our Maca Root is also gelatinized, meaning the root is boiled and all of the starch is removed, making it easier to digest and more nutrient dense. Whether you want to increase your livelihood out in the world or in the bedroom, Maca Root can give you the energy and vitality that you need to succeed.

Featured Ingredients

Maca Root (as lepidium meyenii)

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