Lyte Up

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Lyte Up is designed to provide calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, chloride, and phosphorus to help you rehydrate.

Faster Recovery

Lyte Up is designed to help you recover and get back into the game by supporting your body’s process of regulating electrolytes in low-carb lifestyles, including keto and paleo diets.

No Excess

All the electrolytes in Lyte Up are packed into an easy-to-take capsule so you can avoid excess sugars, calories and carbs found in sports drinks.

Light up your life with our advanced Lyte Up electrolyte complex. After an intense, sweaty workout it’s essential to stay hydrated to increase recovery time and avoid muscle weakness. Our capsules are scientifically formulated for rapid rehydration using a precise balance of 6 key electrolytes. No matter how hard you workout, Lyte Up is designed to restore the much needed electrolytes to keep your body hydrated without the extra sugars, calories, and carbs found in most sports drinks.

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Bioperine Black Pepper


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