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Collagen Peptides Water Enhancer

At Zhou we care about what’s on the surface, and even more about what’s beneath it. Collagen is an essential part of skin, hair, bone and joint health, and our Collagen Peptide Water Enhancer is a delicious and essential part of your wellness lifestyle. Our delicious, natural tropical berry flavor water enhancer is the key to younger looking skin, more luscious locks, and healthy joints. Collagen can also help support bones, tendons, and connective tissue— while providing 18 essential aminos needed to support healthy muscle cells. Our pure, hormone-free collagen hydrolysate can help support collagen production and healthy cell turnover. With quality you can trust, our collagen is sustainably sourced from grass fed and pasture raised cattle, so with just two squeezes of our water enhancer, you can feel good about what you’re putting in your water and where it comes from.

When we say “Made in the USA,” we mean it. Tucked away in the heart of Utah’s Wasatch mountains, our lab and manufacturing facility are FDA-inspected and follow Good Manufacturing Practices, so you can be confident that your supplements are top notch and truly being made close to home.


Bursting With Amino Acids

Our blend of Glycine, Proline, Hydroxyproline, Glutamic Acid and other essential amino acids are designed to support healthy skin and nails.

Easy Absorption

Our bodies have an easier time absorbing peptides, so our collagen goes through an advanced hydrolyzation process designed to help break down the protein in a way that your body can get the goods it needs.

Sustainably Sourced

The ingredients in our Collagen Peptides are hormone free, non-GMO for a 100% pure collagen protein. Our formula is sustainably sourced from grass fed and pasture raised cattle.

Natural Color & Flavor

Zhou’s tasty Energy + Focus Water Enhancer is flavored and colored with fruits, vegetables and stevia for a delicious tropical berry kick