servings per bottle: 30


Product Description

Urinary Tract Support

D-Mannose is a naturally occurring sugar that’s sourced from berries and may help flush out impurities and support a healthy urinary tract lining.

Immune Support

By adding our go-to antioxidant powerhouse Vitamin C to our D-Mannose + Cranberry formula, it may help provide antioxidant support for strong immune health.

Better than Juice

Our cranberry extract is designed to support a healthy bladder wall, so you get all the benefits of cranberry juice without added calories.

Take two (2) capsules daily with a meal or glass of water. Use only as directed.

Want all the benefits of cranberry juice without all the extra sugar and cals? Yeah, us too, which is why we created Cran-Defense. Cranberry extract can help to prevent bacteria from adhering to the urinary tract, supporting overall bladder health. And even though a nice glass of cranberry juice can definitely hit the spot sometimes, you’d be drinking gallons of it to experience all of the benefits you get from our Cran-Defense. By combining the best parts of D-Mannose and vitamin C in a convenient capsule, you can flush out impurities and receive the antioxidants you need without the extra carbohydrates.

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