Magnesium Oil


Product Description


Feelin’ a little tense? Magnesium may help support muscle relaxation to help you wind down and chill out.

Calming Formula

When it’s time for a little refresh, magnesium oil may help you feel fresh after a tough workout or any strenuous activities.

Restful Sleep

Magnesium oil supports a good night’s rest and helps to relieve stress in your muscles and in your everyday life.

Spray 4-5 times onto your skin about 8 inches away from your skin and massage into the area.

Reach for Zhous Magnesium Oil Spray to help release tension from your tired and sore muscles and joints. Magnesium oil is easily absorbed into the skin, promoting relaxation and relief. You'll also love how magnesium oil helps you relax as it promotes restful sleep while increasing your blood circulation to help your body recover. Whether you're looking to ease tension from a tough workout or a tough day, you can trust our pure Magnesium oil to help relieve stress.

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