Mag Glycinate 450

Have your muscles ever felt like a guitar string that’s about to snap and make a sad noise? We’ve all been there after a brutal workout or a yoga class that went too far, and now you can get fast relief with the most potent, bioavailable form of magnesium. Soothe the burn in your muscles and enjoy the added benefits of smooth digestion, migraine support, and catching some extra zzz’s.

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    High Dosage

    With one of the highest dosages and superior forms of magnesium available, Mag Glycinate 450 is your go-to supplement for supporting optimal muscle function, healthy sleeping patterns, bone density and strength, heart health, healthy blood sugar, and gentle digestion

    Superior Release

    Mag Glycinate 450’s carefully crafted tablets allow a slow release of magnesium for superior, waste-free absorption

    An Essential Mineral

    A mineral in your cells, magnesium is active in more than 300 biochemical processes. It affects how your body makes protein and how it converts sugar into energy. It helps your muscles contract, your heart beat steadily and your bones stay strong