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Tart Cherry Extract + Celery Seed

When you indulge in certain foods, your body produces excess uric acid and it can wreak havoc on your joints. So instead of putting off your running regimen or next gym session, make joint discomfort and slow recovery a thing of the past. Our Tart Cherry Extract + Celery Seed supplement offers targeted support for joint comfort and muscle recovery so you can get back to doing what you love.

When we say “Made in the USA,” we mean it. Tucked away in the heart of Utah’s Wasatch mountains, our lab and manufacturing facility are FDA-inspected and follow Good Manufacturing Practices, so you can be confident that your supplements are top notch and truly being made close to home.

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    Healthy Joints

    Tart Cherry Extract + Celery Seed helps supports your body in flushing uric acid buildup in your joints caused by foods like meats and sweets.

    Faster Recovery

    Tart cherry’s powerful polyphenols offer powerful antioxidants, helping to support quicker muscle recovery.

    Comfortable Movement

    The anthocyanins in Tart Cherry Extract + Celery Seed are designed to help soothe overworked muscles, especially after physical exercise.

    Clean Formula

    Our Non-GMO formula is vegan and free of artificial preservatives so you can have confidence in the quality of your supplements.