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Zhou Active Line consists of 6 plant based formulas for before, during and after your workout. These clean and effective formulas are made with results in mind, combining the best nature has to offer with the latest research and science.

Pre Workouts


No caffeine? No problem. You can still get in on the smooth energy. Lite Up offers all the benefits of a pre-workout without the caffeine. This non-stimulant pre-workout is formulated with Nitrosigine® for a nitric oxide boost and malic acid to support energy and stamina. Say goodbye to jitters and hello to new PRs.

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Amp up the voltage for your next workout. This pre-workout is your new favorite hype man, delivering clean, sustained energy and focus. With 100 mg of caffeine from green tea, Nitrosigine® for a nitric oxide boost, and malic acid to support energy and stamina, your workout doesn’t stand a chance. Bye, plateaus.

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Mid Workouts


When the going gets sweaty, Hydro-Fuel keeps you going. This electrolyte complex contains 6 essential electrolytes, helping you to stay fueled and finish strong. Formulated with coconut water powder to hydrate and replenish, a 72 trace mineral complex, and vitamin D3 to support healthy recovery, this tasty formula has your back through your toughest, sweatiest workouts.

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This one’s for the gym rats, the title chasers and the sweat connoisseurs. Muscle BCAA is a vegan, 2:1:1 ratio BCAA formula designed to keep you fueled while supporting healthy muscle recovery. We’ve added 1 billion CFU/g of Bacillus coagulans for a probiotic boost, vitamin C and tart cherry for antioxidant support, and coconut water powder to hydrate and replenish. Drink,  recover & repeat.

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Post Workouts


Plant Complete isn’t just another plant based protein — it’s a better vegan protein. Traditional vegan proteins usually have a few drawbacks, like an incomplete amino acid profile, poor absorption and gritty texture.

 But Plant Complete isn’t traditional.

 Instead of using only pea protein, we created a blend of pea and rice protein that gives Plant Complete a full amino acid profile, which is important for supporting lean muscle mass.

 Next came the shrooms. By fermenting the protein with shiitake mushroom mycelia, we were able to give Plant Complete a PDCAAS of 1, which is a perfect digestibility score (the equivalent of whey protein). Not only does this make Plant Complete easier on the stomach, it also helps more of the protein get to where it needs to go while improving the taste and texture.

 So when we say a Plant Complete is a vegan protein that’s built better, we mean it.

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