Hairfluence Water Enhancer

servings per bottle: 10


Product Description

Nutrient Rich

Keratin is the natural protein found in hair strands, and the added keratin in Hairfluence Water Enhancer is designed to smooth and strengthen hair while bamboo stem extract is incorporated to support moisture and shine.

Healthy Hair Growth

Vitamin B7, otherwise known as Biotin or the hair vitamin, is designed to support hair strength and normal hair growth.

Nourished Skin & Nails

Not only does our formula leave your hair looking healthier, but the essential proteins, vitamins and minerals that may be missing from your diet can also help to support more radiant skin and stronger nails.

Add 1 teaspoon (5mL) or approximately 2 squeezes to 8oz of water.

Your favorite best-selling hair  supplement now comes in a delicious, naturally flavored watermelon Water Enhancer. Get stronger, healthier hair with our all-in-one premium hair growth formula, Hairfluence. Featuring biotin, keratin and bamboo extract, squeeze this water enhancer into your water and sip away as you bid breakage adieu and prepare for the stronger, healthier hair of your dreams.

Featured Ingredients



Bamboo Extract


Bamboo stem extract

Natural watermelon flavor

Fruit & vegetable juice

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