Iron Beard Soft & Shine Beard Oil

NOURISH, SOFTEN, & STRENGTHEN. Iron Beard™ Soft & Shine has 9 nutrient-rich oils including Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, and Hemp Seed Oil, forming the holy grail of beard nourishment. Soft & Shine strengthens, softens, and tames dry beard hairs instantly. Your face will drink up this light beard oil that absorbs and provides nourishment to your facial hair and skin faster than you can say "by the beard of Zeus." Soft? Check. Stronger? Absolutely. Shine? Yep. It isn’t called Iron Beard for nothin’.

MOISTURE & SHINE FOR ANY BEARD TYPE. We all know that the first 6 weeks of growing a beard can be a real ‘itch’. Soft & Shine is a leave-in beard conditioner formulated to gently soothe the dry skin that causes dreaded ‘beardruff’. Moisturize and add shine to your beard and skin by using Soft & Shine beard oil as a go-to tool in your beard kit through every stage of beard growth— from stubble, to long and strong.

YOUR FACE WILL SMELL AMAZING. With a long-lasting cedar & sandalwood scent, your face will smell like you just spent the morning galavanting through a forest on horseback. Soft & Shine’s clean, vegan, and paraben-free formula is hand-poured in the USA, so you can look good, smell good, AND feel good. Pro Tip: Feed your prized beard daily from the inside out by using Soft & Shine beard oil alongside Zhou’s Iron Beard™ dietary supplement.