servings per bottle: 31

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Product Description

Clean Energy

Fuel your day with MCT Oil from 100% non-GMO coconut oil. MCT stands for medium chain triglycerides, which are used for energy in your body so you can ditch that second cup of coffee.

Metabolic Support

MCT oil may support a healthy metabolism. It can also help keep your body in ketosis. Talk about a power duo.

Mental Performance & Clarity

Just like your body needs energy, so does your brain. MCT oil may help support healthy brain function to keep you feelin’ focused.

Take one (1) tablespoon as needed throughout the day.

Mct oil is a fantastic source for clean, quick energy to support your body and mind. Our MCT Oil is packed with Caprylic acid, or C8, a medium chain triglyceride sourced from 100% Non-GMO Coconuts, perfect for blending into coffee, shakes, smoothies and other recipes. By adding just one tablespoon into your favorite drink, you can improve mental performance, support your gut, and enhance ketone production before breakfast.

Featured Ingredients

Caprylic Acid

Capric Acid

Medium Chain Triglycerides

from coconut oil

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