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22 Healthy Habits for 2022

Perhaps you decided to skip making any resolutions this year. Or maybe your enthusiasm behind your resolutions has already ground to a halt. No matter where you land on resolutions, there are still plenty of healthy habits to put into practice. We’ve rounded up 22 for 2022 that aren’t overly ambitious to maintain year round and are accessible for everyone.


1. Declutter your home- and your mind. Take your Energy+Focus and Kondo your work and living spaces. Don’t stop there– unsubscribe from anything not sparking joy: from social media accounts that don’t leave you feeling your best, to the excess junk email overflowing your inbox.


2. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Did we mention hydrate? Aim for 8 to 10 replenishing glasses of water every day. Staying well-hydrated is crucial to your well-being.


3. Get moving! Whether your preference is yoga, cardio, a walk around the neighborhood, or a dance party around the house to the Encanto soundtrack, make sure you’re moving your body for at least 30 minutes every day.


4. Travel more. Even if the pandemic limits you to your own state or community, play tourist and see your home from a new perspective.


5. Spend more time reading. Take your Calm Now and settle in with a book– or a magazine, online article, newspaper, audio book, ancient scroll; any preferred format will do with what your schedule allows.


6. Rest up! Aim for at least 7 hours of sleep every night. It’s been an intense few years - let yourself sleep in sometimes. You’ve earned it.


7. Learn a new skill. Study a new language, get outside and garden, expand your artistic side with photography, or try your hand at knitting.


8. Protect your environment. Focus on reducing your plastic waste, supporting eco-conscious brands, or volunteering locally to improve your community.


9. Give your immune system some backup. Try Elder-Mune for antioxidants, or Daily Boost multi-vitamin + probiotic to up your vitamin intake.


10. Start a healthy breakfast routine. It didn’t win the title of “most important meal” just because it can include pancakes. Give yourself the energy to get through the day.


11. Be kind to yourself. We’re always our own worst critic. Treat yourself the way you treat other people.


12. Eat more purposefully. Make mealtimes more meaningful by remembering to chew more slowly and stop to enjoy more. Make a hobby out of expanding your recipe repertoire and cooking skills.


13. Take a 15-minute break from your computer every 2 hours to ease eye strain. Try Screen Eyes for extra protection.


14. Reconnect with friends and family. These past two years may have necessitated physical distance between all of us, but it doesn't need to create emotional distance. Hop on video calls or send simple texts to check in.


15. Keep a To-Do list. It’ll help you stay on top of your schedule AND give you that sense of accomplishment every time you check off a box. You can even add a box for “Make a To-Do list.’


16. Make a bucket list for the year. Give yourself experiences to look forward to.


17. Like mom always said, eat your greens! If they’re not your favorite, but you still want some immune support, try to include some Mushroom 8-Plex in your next smoothie. 


18. But also have dessert! The healthiest, easiest-to-maintain diet is not one of deprivation. Everything in moderation is the key to life. Plus, there are plenty of healthy desserts to choose from. Start by checking out this recipe for some delicious Spirulina Energy Bites. 


19. Add an SPF to your skincare routine. Getting time outside is important, but so is making sure you are protecting your skin. Try a daily moisturizer with SPF so it doesn’t require a second thought.


20. Get your protein. Just like with your greens, you can cheat and use a protein powder like Plant Complete in your smoothies or dessert recipes.


21. Don’t just detox– deTECH. We are absolutely inundated with information of all kinds from our trusty pocket computers. Pause the scrolling for some time each day and give your mind a rest.


22. Use positive affirmations to stay calm, grounded and present in the moment. Start with “I will practice these 22 healthy habits in 2022."