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We’re proud of where we come from. Nestled in the heart of the west in Utah and surrounded by five incredible national parks, the Zhou team takes Greatness By Nature seriously. That’s why we source our ingredients from where they grow best and bring them to our state of the art lab in Ogden, Utah where our scientists double test them, and then test our final products to make sure they’re exactly what they should be. So, you can trust that whenever you get a Zhou product, we’re sending you the highest quality, lab-verified products from right here in the heart of Utah.


So if we’re made in the USA, where does the name “Zhou” come from? We recognize the brilliance of the East’s rich herbal traditions, and here at Zhou, we’ve combined ancient Eastern traditions with today’s modern science to bring you the best and brightest of both worlds.


When it comes to quality, we don’t mess around. You’re an extension of our family and we keep that in mind when we’re sourcing, manufacturing, and handing you our latest and greatest supplements. Here’s  what our scientists and lab technicians have to say about how we handle quality here in Utah.


Getting all your essential nutrients solely from your diet is ideal, but it’s not always possible. That’s where we—and our supplements—come in. We deliver purposeful, lab-tested formulations that give you exactly what you need when you need it.

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