Black Seed Oil Capsules Q&A

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Q: Is this product processed in a facility that processes other wheat products?
A: From the vendor: "We are not an allergen free facility, however our standard cleaning process has been validated and is swabbed as part of our environmental monitoring program for proteins to ensure we do not have allergen cross-contamination. Allergens, including gluten, are present in the facility and could be manufactured on the same equipment."

Q: Are Black Seed Oil Capsules vegan?
A: No, this product is not vegan (it contains Beeswax).

Q: Why is this a different dosage than Black Seed Oil?
A: Our Black Seed Oil Liquid Capsules provide 1300 mg per 2 liquid vcaps. Our Organic Black Seed Oil Liquid provides 4.6g (4600 mg) per one teaspoon. Vegcaps limit the amount of mg's you can put in a pill, the most we can fit per one is 650mg so we provide this as a two daily. In order to meet the same mg dose as our liquid, this product would be a 7 daily pill.