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How to Choose Clean Supplements

We believe that supplements play a key role in helping us achieve health and wellness. 

The benefits of taking them seem endless as many supplements have the ability to fill gaps in nutrition due to dietary shortcomings. Others may even play a role in boosting overall body performance and eliminating various health concerns.

Despite their potential for benefit, it makes sense to question the origin and ingredients found in your daily supplements. 

With the modern trend of including supplements in a healthy lifestyle, the desire to capitalize on this has spawned the birth of countless new supplement brands. 

However, all supplements are not created equal. 

Origin of ingredients, laboratory process, use of fillers and additives, and even packaging materials and appropriate labeling can be a cause for concern for those truly health conscious consumers. 

Because the FDA regulations for dietary supplements are not stringent, it can be challenging to make sense of the quality, and even the ingredient profile of the supplements you choose. 

Making sense of how your supplement is made may require diligence and personal research.

Here are three things to consider when you’re looking for a high quality supplement option. 


At Zhou, we truly believe that it is the ingredients themselves that make supplements great. 

We pride ourselves on being selective about what goes into our supplements–using only the highest quality ingredients to create products we want to put into our own bodies. 

If a company doesn’t have their ingredients listed or if they use confusing language like “proprietary blends” when they list them, it’s worth reaching out to see if you can find out more information before you decide to make a purchase.

Purchasing supplements from suppliers that are open about their ingredients lists will help you ensure that you’re taking what you think you’re taking–nothing less, nothing more. 

If they’re unwilling to share this information, you may want to move on to a brand that is more transparent about their ingredients and process. 

At Zhou, we’re proud of the effort and dedication we put into selecting high quality ingredients for our supplements so we’re always more than happy to share what we put in our supplements. 

You can always reach out to our customer service department for questions about our ingredients. 


When it comes to herbal blends especially, the best way to ensure that your products are as safe as possible is to choose supplements made from organic ingredients. 

When sourced from an organic grower, it means ingredients are free of harmful pesticides that could introduce unwanted toxins into your body. 

It also means they’re free of additives. 

While many additives are considered harmless, that doesn’t mean they’re particularly good or useful for your body. 

It’s best to avoid food and supplements that contain them when possible to help ensure your diet is nutrient rich and healthful. 

Be cautious of supplements you can’t determine ingredient origin of easily.


The FDA doesn’t strictly regulate supplements but there are other organizations that provide quality assurance options for ingredients and processes to help ensure quality and safety. 

While accreditation is not required, receiving it from a trustworthy source can provide reassurance to consumers when it comes to product safety.

At Zhou, we underwent the rigorous testing process provided by the International Organization of Standardization to help give credence to our lab processes. 

This third party organization spends months evaluating labs to ensure they’re in line with their stringent quality and safety standards. 

We wanted to be certain our customers could trust our process as much as we do. 

Like with any product you put into your body, diligence is required to ensure that your supplements meet your personal standards.