Meditation 101

Meditation 101

What if there was a simple, 3-5 minute activity you could practice a couple of times a week that could have the following effects on your life:

1. Reduce your stress
2. Magnify your happiness
3. Intensify your energy
4. Deepen your sense of empathy and connectedness
5. Boost your focus and attention span
6. Heighten your creativity
7. Refine your memory
8. Improve your decision making
9. Enhance your immune system
10. Help overcome your addictions
11. Reduce your physical pain

Oh, and by the way, this activity is free. And requires no equipment. Would you commit to doing that one single activity? I mean, is saying no really logical at this point? Probably not.

Then commit with us to integrate meditation into your life.

11 Benefits of Meditation Zhou Nutrition

Now, bear with us for a minute. Meditation is more than a passing fad. It’s a brain and body-enhancing practice that’s older than history itself. It’s made sweeping advances into the lifestyles of high-powered corporate executives and government leaders. So now it’s your turn to capture some of the extra brainpower and mental fortitude that meditation will give you. Let’s get started.

For beginners, there are two main types of meditation:
1. Concentration Meditation
2. Mindfulness Meditation

Concentration Meditation is where you focus on one single point and try to let everything else go. Maybe you focus on your breathing, your fingertips nearly touching, or a certain repetitive sound. Do this on your own by sitting or laying somewhere comfortable, closing your eyes, and just focusing on your breathing in and out for 5 minutes. That’s it.

Mindfulness Meditation is the practice of sitting or laying in a comfortable position, closing your eyes, relaxing, and letting your mind wander. You let your mind think thoughts, but you don’t participate in any of those thoughts. Think of your thoughts as cars passing by or waves coming in and out. Simply let them pass you by without engaging in any of them.

5 minutes later, you won’t believe how different you’ll feel.

Doing this a couple times a week will help improve your days. Doing this daily will help change your life.