Our Lab is ISO Accredited

Our Lab is ISO Accredited

Here's Why You Should Care

At Zhou, we try to take the guesswork out of supplementing. It shouldn’t take a PhD in biochemistry to understand our products and their benefits. Our goal is to make supplements we’d take ourselves, and we have some damn high standards. So quality is always at the forefront of our process. 

ISO Accredited

An ISO Accreditation affirms that our products are made with the consistency and care that we claim.

That's why we’re so stoked to announce that our lab has been ISO accredited! We get it,  this sounds super official and a little boring, but it’s incredibly important. So let’s break it down: ISO is short for International Organization of Standardization, an independent and non-governmental organization that has created a set of standards to keep companies in line with quality and safety of their products and systems. 

ISO accreditation requires a rigorous testing process and isn’t easy to get. It takes most companies a full year to make the necessary adjustments and changes. The process all starts when our labs are visited and analyzed by the IAS (International Accreditation Service), which is a third party testing and analysis company. After the IAS took a hard, detailed look at our lab practices, a ‘17025’ accreditation was given to our Utah laboratories for “Competence of Testing for Labs.”

When it comes to supplements, we think it’s important to manage our facilities with a stringent, scientific process. An ISO Accreditation affirms that our products are made with the consistency and care that we claim. 

In essence, an ISO Accreditation means we care about our customers. A lot. And we’ll do what it takes to make sure they’re getting the best.

Steps to the Best Ingredients

At Zhou, we don’t want to leave you wondering what’s behind the pretty labeling and finished product. We use high quality ingredients to give you the greatness you deserve. Want to know how we do it? We’re open to sharing our steps.

Our Testing Process


While being accredited alone is a huge step for us, we didn’t stop there. Most ISO accreditations take at least 12 months for a third party to see the lab and ensure the standards are being met. Our labs took 3 months! A humble brag moment, but if it was easy, we wouldn’t be telling you about it. 

 We are so happy to bring you supplements that you can trust and look forward to taking every day so you can get your greatness on. Thank you, from the Zhou family, for believing in us! We won’t let you down.