Self Love: More Than a Buzzword

Self Love: More Than a Buzzword

Self Love Illustration

This February, with winter storms bearing down on us and facing yet another month of quarantine, our team over at the Zhou headquarters in Salt Lake City realized we needed a jolt of positivity. We decided to dedicate the month of February to self-love. 

Nowadays, it seems like everyone is tossing around the idea of self-love — but what does that actually mean? Splurging on a spa day? Letting yourself off the hook for eating pizza three days in a row? Repeating cliches about manifesting?  

Unsatisfied with what we found on the internet, we decided to create our own definition. Here’s what we came up with:

Self-love is the act of prioritizing our physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing in order to cultivate appreciation for ourselves. 

For us, self-love isn’t about self-obsession or entitlement. Instead, we think of it as the necessary state we need in order to put our best energy into the world. Here are some simple ways to prioritize your physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing:

Get Some Sleep

No one’s at their best when they’re tired. Sleep can affect everything from mood to skin health to the immune system. In other words, sleep is key to being a better version of yourself. Despite its importance though, it can sometimes be tough to schedule in enough hours of sleep. Setting a hard and fast sleep schedule can help you organize your day around your sleep, instead of letting sleep become an afterthought. 

Stress and caffeine keeping you awake? Try limiting caffeine intake to before noon. Keeping the hour before bed free of screen time can also help prep your brain for sleep. Try subbing out Netflix for a good book. If you’re looking for healthy sleep support consider a melatonin supplement, like our DriftOff Soothing Sleep Formula.  

Work (From Home)/Life Balance

With many Americans transitioning to remote work during quarantine, the American workday is getting rehashed. While there are certainly some benefits to working from home, it also can blur the line between work and home life. 

In order to prevent “work from home” from meaning “living in the office,” try creating firm deadlines for yourself to keep work inside the nine to five. This also means that once the workday is over, you close your computer for the rest of the evening. This can help prevent the feeling that you have to be accessible 24/7 while working remotely. 

Take Care of Your Body

It’s probably safe to say that nearly everyone has been spending more time on their couch than normal this year. Caught between cold weather and quarantine, it’s hard to avoid. Get your steps in by starting the day with a walk outside or a quick home workout. Not only does this help get your blood moving, it can also break the “rolling-out-of-bed-and-onto-the-couch” work from home habit, and kickstart your day. 

Consider cleaning out the fridge, and filling it with good foods. This will help curb snack cravings throughout the day. Eating full meals at normal times can also help limit snacking and bring some normalcy into quarantine life. 

We’re also firm believers greatness comes from within, and that supplements can help you achieve yours. We’ve curated a special selection of products for self-love — whether that means supporting your heart, your immune system, or your mood. 

Give Yourself Some Credit

Let’s face it, this year has been rough! There have been no shortage of hardships, but you’re still here and you’re still taking on day after day. That’s a feat in and of itself. The Zhou Team is proud of you. 

Now go be great.