Top Beauty Trends of 2020

Top Beauty Trends of 2020

Beauty trends are constantly evolving, and thankfully, right now they seem to be evolving in a more inclusive, thoughtful way. And let me tell you, we're totally here for it. So check out what's currently trending in the beauty world:


Male Beauty Products

As societal gender constructs continue to evolve, and the concept of what it means to be a man or a woman is becoming more fluid and individualistic, people of the male sex, regardless of how they identify, are beginning to explore traditionally “female” practices. Some of those practices include beauty and “feminine” wellness, such as the use of makeup, creams, ointments, serums and the works. 

With the new decade will come a new era of products created for men, including makeup, shaving balms, “manscaping” kits, products designed for beard health, and hair growth products. We’re used to things like hair gels and putties, but in the coming years, there’s a good chance that we’ll see the male-oriented beauty industry explode. 


Gender Neutral Beauty Products

As feminists have shed light on various problematic inequalities, like the “pink tax,” the frustration regarding those inequalities have made waves. As a result, some companies are intentionally creating products and marketing them towards women who are sick of being taxed simply for being a woman. 

Pink tax aside, companies are also starting to create and market gender neutral beauty products as gender stereotypes continue to break down. While skincare companies have traditionally marketed to women, more products are being created with neutral colors, marketed with both genders, and they’re including more androgynous models to illustrate the boundlessness of the products. Even makeup companies are beginning to work with male beauty influencers to emphasize the fluidity of their products. 


Products for People of Color

For centuries, people of color have been ignored in the beauty industry, specifically when it comes to products specifically designed for their hair and skin type. Companies like FENTY BEAUTY, Mented Cosmetics, and Live Tinted have pioneered makeup for people of color, with shades cultivated to work with and for people with darker skin. Companies such as Shea Moisture, As I Am, and Carol’s Daughter are creating hair products that are formulated specifically for black women and men. 


Wellness from Within

As new scientific evidence continues to come out regarding the impact nutrition has on our physical appearance, people have started incorporating specific foods into their diets with the understanding that the nutrients provided by those specific foods with help support their appearance. For both the long and short term, what you choose to fuel your body with can have a serious impact on the health of your hair, skin and nails. 

Additionally, supplement companies have started to incorporate natural ingredients like turmeric, coconut oil, probiotics, bamboo extract and collagen into their beauty products. The number of beauty supplements that utilize natural ingredients will likely skyrocket in the coming years, making wellness from within more accessible.


Clean Beauty

With eco-friendly and cruelty-free movements continuing to trend, people are continuing to demand more sustainable, toxin-free, vegan and healthy options. Because of that, “clean beauty” products, or toxin-free products made by companies who are transparent and honest about their ingredients, will be on the rise. Not only is this good for our health, but it’s great for the environment too. On top of health-conscious products, many companies are switching to green, eco-friendly, and “naked” packaging to help with environmental sustainability. 


Higher Quality, Affordable Products

Inclusivity doesn’t end with skin color. The importance of intersectionality (race, class, gender and sexual orientation) is becoming more and more blatant to individuals and companies alike, so numerous brands are working to create more affordable products. High quality products are often incredibly expensive, and traditionally if you opt for a lower-cost product, the quality of the product is going to suffer. BUT, a number of brands are creating more affordable, high-quality options to insure that people on all rugs of the economic ladder have access to safe and healthy products. 

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