What is Nitrosigine?

What is Nitrosigine?

Many people lean on caffeine to give them a boost before exercise. Studies have shown that caffeine may help people burn more calories and help support endurance. But if you avoid caffeine, or want another way to give your workout an edge without a stimulant, look for Nitrosigine. 

What is Nitrosigine? 

Nitrosigine is an ingredient in our pre-workouts, Lite Up and Lite Up XTRA, that may help support the widening of the blood vessels to increase blood flow during exercise. 

For athletes and bodybuilders, increasing blood flow to muscles during training means more oxygen is available to muscles, which can help increase endurance during training sessions, build muscle, and support recovery. You don’t need to be a bodybuilder or athlete to reap the same benefits—Nitrosigine supplements can help anyone looking to make gains in the gym to reach health and fitness goals.  

To get technical, Nitrosigine is composed of two compounds: arginine, an amino acid that helps expand blood vessels and increase blood flow, and silicate, which is mainly found in plant-based foods. Studies have shown it boosts connective tissue health while supporting blood vessel integrity during the typical aging process.   

Nitrosigine is recognized by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) with GRAS status, meaning it is generally recognized as safe. It also has FDA new dietary ingredient (NDI) status. In other words, governing bodies agree that this ingredient is safe for human consumption.

How does Nitrosigine work?

Emerging research on Nitrosigine is encouraging. To date, there have been 30 studies evaluating the effects of the supplement ranging from improvements in cognitive function and focus and boosting nitric oxide levels to increasing blood flow to muscles.  

Studies show that daily doses of Nitrosigine before a workout significantly increase pre-workout energy levels and increase muscle pump immediately following a workout 

In one study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, healthy adults who took Nitrosigine experienced widening of the blood vessels, which researchers said likely increased skeletal muscle blood flow and improved exercise performance. 

Nitrosigine has also been shown to protect muscles from exercise-induced muscle damage. In fact, data shows that creatine kinase, a sign of muscle damage from exercise, is reduced more than 50% by taking Nitrosigine.

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When and how much Nitrosigine should I take?

If you want a fast-acting supplement that helps give your body a similar edge that caffeine can offer, give Nitrosigine a try. While there is no established dose, current research indicates a 1,500 milligram dose taken about 15-30 minutes before exercise will do the trick (that’s how much Nitrosigine is in our pre-workout formulas Lite Up and Lite Up XTRA)

This supplement is fast-acting —it starts to work in as little as 15 minutes! 

Zhou Nutrition Lite Up is a pre-workout blend that includes this powerful Nitrosigine supplement along with other potentially beneficial ingredients, like citrulline malate, to support your workout goals without the stimulation of caffeine. It’s also formulated with malic acid and tart cherry to promote energy, strength and stamina.  

By enjoying one scoop of Zhou Nutrition Lite Up or Lite Up XTRA mixed with 12 ounces of water, you’ll start your workout with the edge that you crave in a natural and delicious way.

Get all of the energy boost without the jitters. 

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