Berberine with Oregon Grape

What’s better than a triple threat? That’s right, a QUADRUPLE threat. Berberine with Oregon Grape is your new go-to for improved energy, digestive health & immune function, blood sugar support AND heart health. When combined with exercise and a healthy diet, our little buddy Berberine activates AMPK which can help support all four of these essential elements of health. Plus, for those of you on the keto diet, Berberine with Oregon grape is a great tool to help support ketone synthesis.

"I am on the ketogenic diet and had hit a plateau that had already last about two weeks. I began taking Berberine the morning that I received it. Within three days, I had broken my stall..."

-M. Peacock

The Power of Berberine with Oregon Grape


Berberine is one of the few chemicals known to activate AMPK, the enzyme that controls energy production and brings the body to homeostasis by shifting energy towards maintenance and repair. It also supports immune health and regular blood sugar levels.

Oregon Grape

Berberine is actually extracted from the Oregon Grape, which makes it the perfect source for fat metabolism regulation.

The Perfect Combo

Together, the extract and the whole fruit of Berberine and Oregon Grape work synergistically so your body can experience the greatest absorption of nutrients to maximize its benefits.

High Potency Pair

Our vegan and non-GMO formula is packed with 1000mg of Berberine extract and 50mg Oregon Grape to give you a potent, effective and easy to take capsules.