3 Ways to Benefit From a Ketogenic Diet

3 Ways to Benefit From a Ketogenic Diet

You’re probably well aware of the keto craze that’s taken the wellness sphere by storm. Even with its growing popularity, the ketogenic diet can be an intimidating undertaking. Making this adjustment to your nutrition regimen isn’t just a dietary shift, it’s a lifestyle change. And like all things that bring that kind of impact, it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting into before you begin. If you’re feeling stuck in a food rut or are simply interested in evaluating keto, you’ve come to the right place.

So let’s get down to basics—by taking a look into what keto is at its core and three specific ways you can benefit from this dietary and lifestyle change.

Your Body On Keto

With the Dietary Guidelines for Americans suggesting that carbs make up 45-65% of our daily calorie intake, a diet sans carbs appears daunting. And weird. How can our bodies function without this seemingly critical piece of our diets? They adapt, and pretty quickly too. When you consume a carb-heavy diet, your body becomes accustomed to harnessing carbs for energy. The carbs are converted into glucose, which is then transported via insulin through the body. Any presence of carbs in your system means glucose and insulin are hanging around, which makes it impossible for your body to leverage fat stores for energy. So what happens to energy levels with the absence of carbs?

USDA Guidelines 1

Magic happens.

Believe it or not, our ancestors survived on little to no carbs. With a diet high in meat and fats, their bodies adapted and harnessed energy from fat. Turns out, they were onto something. When your body runs out of glucose stores, your liver starts to break down body fat into an energy source called ketones. Your body then uses ketones for fuel instead of glucose—when this happens, you’re in ketosis. The ideal ratio in order to reach ketosis is 5% of your daily calories from carbs, 20% from protein, and 75% from fats.

Ketogenic Diet Chart

Now, let’s bust some myths.

Here’s what keto ISN’T:
  • It isn’t a diet where you can eat unlimited calories.
  • It isn’t a high protein diet.
  • It isn’t a diet where you can eat UNLIMITED fat, and any type of fat.

A keto diet can be an effective way to manage and lose weight while feeling full and having sustained energy throughout the day. You’ll get the best results when you pair keto with an active lifestyle. When practiced properly, here are the possible benefits in regards to exercise, fat loss, and mental clarity.

Exercising On Keto

Before embarking on the keto diet, it’s important to understand how your activity level and diet correlate. There are certain exercises, such as high intensity interval training (HIIT) or sprinting which require glucose for peak performance. In these cases, it’s worth looking into variations of keto diets to see which dietary ratio is right for your lifestyle. Generally speaking, here’s when and how a ketogenic diet can benefit your exercise regime:

High Intensity Ketogenic Workout

Fat Loss On Keto

As we mentioned above, ketosis puts your body into fat-burning overdrive. This, combined with low-carb intake, can be an incredibly effective avenue for healthy, sustained weight loss. While your body is in ketosis, you could experience these weight loss benefits:
Since fat is utilized for energy instead of carbs, fat stores are broken down quickly.
With a high fat, protein, and fiber diet, Keto-followers have reported feeling less hungry and more satisfied after meals.
Stabilized blood sugars means no more sugar spikes resulting in an even keel for cravings.

Mental Clarity On Keto

Ketones might just be your brain’s new BFF. Displaying antioxidant-like qualities, ketones may help protect the brain from free radicals while possibly helping to improve cognition. Of course, the first few days on the keto diet can feel really crappy as your body adjusts to the restriction of carbs. Here are some ways you can kick ‘keto flu’ and gain mental clarity:

Drink an exogenous ketone supplement, commonly called ‘BHB salts’ or ‘ketone drinks’, like Keto Drive. BHB drinks help you get into (and stay in) ketosis, give you energy, may help your body burn fat, and support your focus so you can perform your best.
Use MCT Oil or MCT Powder as a clean, keto friendly way to add fat and fiber to your daily routine. This will help curb your appetite, support gut health, and give your brain some fuel. People love to mix MCT Powder into their coffee, shakes, and smoothies.
Zhou Nutrition Keto Drive Ketogenic Diet Drink

Ready To Go Keto?

Remember that results can vary and keto isn’t right for everyone. Be sure to consult your doctor or licensed healthcare practitioner to see if this is an appropriate diet for you before taking the plunge. Going keto can be a great way to get the results you want, and by giving you the tools you need to succeed, Zhou is with you every step of the way.

Now, go be great. We know you will.