Cider Detox Q&A

Cider Detox Q&A

You had some questions, and now we have answers. Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions about Cider Detox. If you find that a question you’re specifically curious about hasn’t been answered in this article, please feel free to reach out to and find out more! Once you find the answer you’re looking for, we’ll do our best to help keep this Q&A up to date! 

Q: Is Cider Detox vegetarian?
A: Yes, it is vegetarian.

Q: Is Cider Detox allergen free?
A: Cider Detox is screened for Gluten, Soy, Milk, Eggs, Fish, Shellfish, Tree Nuts, Peanuts, Wheat or Preservatives. 

Q: What is the source of the food starch?
A: According to the vendor spec sheet, the starch used is corn but we can't confirm the source of starch will not change considering potato is a viable replacement option and is not a major allergen so the vendor does not have to tell us if they change to use potato starch.

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