Elderberry Syrup Q&A

Elderberry Syrup Q&A

You had some questions, and now we have answers. Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions about Elderberry Syrup. If you find that a question you’re specifically curious about hasn’t been answered in this article, please feel free to reach out to customerservice@zhounutrition.com and find out more! Once you find the answer you’re looking for, we’ll do our best to help keep this Q&A up to date! 

Q: What is the alcohol percentage per volume?
A: The alcohol percentage is less than 1% and only used in the extraction process. We have to list this due to the FDA standards, plus transparency is one of our core values

Q: Should this be refrigerated?
A: Refrigerate after opening is ok but not necessary.

Q: How much Elderberry concentrate per serving?
A: When we do a proprietary blend it is because we don't want to give away the amounts of ingredients in that blend. There are different reasons for this, mainly to be competitive in the market. When you read a supplement facts for a blend, the order in which ingredients are listed is by the amount of the ingredient. Unless a specific store wants to know how much of each ingredient are in there, I would prefer we answer any questions based on the product being a proprietary blend of ingredients and we don't divulge a breakdown of amounts. We list all of our ingredients in our products, which is why we are very transparent. However, within the supplement industry it is common to use proprietary blends. All ingredients are listed under the blend but what makes it proprietary is the blend of ingredients in the product and that's okay for us to keep safeguarded.

Q: Is Elderberry Syrup allergen free?
A: Elderberry Syrup is screened for Gluten, Soy, Milk, Eggs, Shellfish, Tree Nuts, Peanuts, and Wheat.

Q: Is this product vegan?
A: No (it contains honey), but it’s vegetarian.

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