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Is Zhou a Chinese Company?



Get to know Zhou Nutrition, a Utah-based wellness company dedicated to helping people unlock their greatness.


Is Zhou Nutrition a Chinese Company?

Zhou Nutrition is not a Chinese company. Our brand has been mistaken for many things, including “zhzhou,” a Chinese dynasty, and a CEO of a Chinese company. So, the question our customer service team gets all the time: “Is Zhou a Chinese Company?” To be clear, no!

Zhou is a Utah brand dedicated to wellness. Our supplements combine time-honored wisdom with the latest research, and our name is a nod to the rich herbal traditions in Eastern history. We build on this time-honored wisdom with modern research and strict quality standards. We like to think of ourselves as your health-obsessed friend who can give you the best and most up-to-date wellness tips and supplements for your lifestyle. You’ve got goals, and we have products to help you get there. Our mission is to help people with their wellness journey, no matter how big or small it may be.

Who Is Zhou? 

Zhou is a Utah-based company, with headquarters in the great Salt Lake City and our own labs in Ogden, Utah! We are made up of yogis, runners, lifters and people just like you who want the best for our bodies so we can keep enjoying the outdoors and leveling up in all of our adventures. 

One thing we like to point out about Zhou is that our labs are ISO Accredited. This fancy title means that we’ve been analyzed by a third party organization to make sure we’re sticking to our high standards. We’ve developed strict guidelines for our labs that are followed by real chemists with PhDs in pharmaceutical chemistry (that’s intense). Our chemists make sure every ingredient is tested before being used in our products to be sure of their purity and potency. Once ingredients have the green light to be used in formulas, we create products and test them again to ensure they meet our quality standards. No more worrying if the products you buy are clean or not!

Our goal is to craft products we’d take ourselves, and because you’re an extension of the Zhou family, you can trust that we’re always mindful about our process. When it comes to producing new and existing products and formulas, we don’t take it lightly. All of our facilities are subject to strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Processes) Standards and we lab-verify all incoming ingredients and finished formulas. 

Our Utah roots are special to us, and our location is a huge part of who we are. Located at the base of Utah’s Wasatch Mountain Range, our passion for all things outdoors fuels everything we do. We design our supplements to help us feel our best so we can enjoy more of what nature has to offer.

We’re Here to Stay

Whether you’re an old friend of ours or new to the family, we’re so happy to see you here! Zhou was created from a source of knowledge that we could do better than low-quality supplements that didn’t meet our specific needs. We looked to nature for ingredients that could be used in our high-quality products. Backed by science and trusted by thousands, we produced supplements designed to help you feel great. For 7 years now, we’ve worked to curate products that nourish you from the inside out and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon! From the beginning and for years to come, you can rely on us to give you high-quality products that will help you get after your goals. 

Backed by science and trusted by thousands, we produced supplements designed to help you feel great. 

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