Morning Self Care Routine

Morning Self Care Routine

A solid morning self-care routine is a great way to get your mind, body, and soul energized and focused for a fulfilling, productive day. 

It is easy to start the day lounging under the covers, scrolling your favorite social media app, and before you know it, you have to rush to work, but if you’re looking for a morning routine that puts you in a mindset that will allow you to have a productive day, focusing on self-care will help get you there. 

Whether you’re a deeply spiritual person, someone who enjoys waking up and breaking a sweat, or a little of both, here are some ways to practice self-care in the morning..  

Here’s What a Morning Self Care Routine Includes

Get up and get moving.

We all have those days when hitting snooze multiple times just feels right, but in honor of your morning self-care routine, it’s time to convince yourself that it’s wrong!

Instead of letting your cozy covers suck you back into the abyss that is your bed, get up when your alarm goes off. 

No snooze. No five more minutes. No reaching for your phone and just scrolling through Twitter. 

Getting up and getting going on time will help spur your brain into action, but it will also help you avoid the anxiety that comes from having to rush when you invariably wind up staying in bed longer than you should. 

Avoiding anxiety tops the list when it comes to self-care!

Center your mind. 

Countless people swear by the power of daily morning meditation – it helps provide focus, control and calm for those that practice it. 

Start your morning with a brief mantra meditation and you’ll reap the benefits throughout the day by feeling more centered and refreshed. 

Meditation isn’t for everyone though and, while we think you can’t knock it until you try it, starting the day with any kind of intentional quiet is a valuable self-care practice to invest in. 

Think of it as being mindful. 

A few minutes to enjoy nature from your window, practicing deep, cleansing breathing – just focusing on intentional thinking in a quiet, distraction free way for a few minutes at the start of your day to show yourself care. 

Center your body. 

Like meditation, yoga can help you reach a level of calm and focus that will provide the productive juju you need to make it through even the busiest of workdays.

Not a yoga person? That’s cool! 

Stretching works too. Ten minutes of slow, deep stretching will be enough to get the blood (and your brain) pumping even if you’re not interested in committing to a full pre-work fitness sesh.

Read something inspiring. 

For spiritual people, a few verses of scripture can help them face the day feeling centered and empowered, but even those who don’t have religious leanings can benefit from indulging in a book of affirmations and self-love. 

Looking for a title to try? 

Try The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown or Badass Affirmations by Becca Anderson. Both received a nod from Oprah and starting your day with a chapter from either will surely help keep you in a powerful, self-loving mindset. 

Have a drink

Water is a great place to start as staying hydrated throughout your day will really help you feel more focused and energized. 

But, that doesn’t mean coffee is off the table!

Self-care is also about finding joy and if a latte is what brings that to you as you start your day, there’s no reason to beat yourself up over enjoying one. Just consider going light on the sugar where you can – since we know the negative impacts overindulging in refined sugar can have on you both mentally and physically. 

Plan your day. 

Setting aside time to plan out your day can help you approach your daily tasks with less anxiety, and help boost productivity. 

Being intentional about your day from the very start is about putting yourself first and ensuring that the tasks you prioritize are those that are most meaningful for your daily joy and success. 

Ignore your phone. 

Your phone can be a distraction -- easy access can lead to unease. 

The stimulus, negative or otherwise, that your brain receives from your phone can put you on edge, introduce anxiety and lead you away from more mindful practices like taking time to care for yourself. 

Plug in your phone away from your bed, set it to do not disturb before going to sleep each night and resolve to ignore it until you’ve completed the rest of your morning routine. 

Take your vitamins. 

 A bottle of Zhou’s D3 + K2 gummies next to a strawberry on a bright yellow and orange background, with bananas and a yellow bowl in the background.

Vitamins support the healthy functioning of our body’s systems, and what speaks more appropriately to self-care than taking care of our bodies?

Invest in your essential wellness and start your morning with D3 + K2 gummies for a burst of internal sunshine that will help you start your day on an upbeat note. 

Looking to be more productive and focused? 

Take your Methyl B12 to boost your memory and focus – it’s particularly helpful for those living that vegetarian or vegan life, providing added energy support you may be lacking from not consuming animal products. 

Self-care is not only a joyful practice to add into your morning routine, but a great way to put you on a path to optimal health and wellnes. 

Whether you can incorporate these new practices all at once or gradually, over time, we encourage you to prioritize your morning self-care routine.