What Are the Key Nutrients for Healthy Hair?

What Are the Key Nutrients for Healthy Hair?

Hair may not be a big deal to some people but to others, it’s a part of their identity making hair health a priority. But understanding hair health requires a quick biology lesson.

While hair itself isn’t living tissue, hair follicles are dynamic structures within the skin that grow hair, and you are born with over five million hair follicles in your body with more than one million just on your head.1 Hair follicles work in cycles that include a growing, resting, and shedding phase that takes place over many years.1 If your hair follicles are healthy and strong, your hair will be too.

This means that supporting healthy hair means supporting healthy skin and that requires key nutrients. 

Essential Nutrients for Hair and Hair Follicles

A great place to begin when supporting healthy hair is with keratin. Keratin is the main protein in hair and contributes to hair strength and supports the formation and health of hair follicles.2

A clinically studied ingredient known as Keranat® helps support keratin production and enhances the release of IGF-1 and KGF which are growth hormones produced by specialized cells in your hair follicles to help reduce hair breakage. This is significant because research shows that low circulating IGF-1 is associated with hair loss in middle-aged women.3

Keranat® is a patented blend of millet oil, wheat, sunflower, and rosemary leaf extract that has been shown to stimulate keratin cell production in hair follicles, reduce hair shedding, and improve scalp dryness and hair condition.4

Lustriva® is another specialized ingredient that contains arginine silicate and magnesium biotinate that is also designed to support healthy-looking hair and skin. A 2021 study showed that 92% of the women using Lustriva® reported improved hair volume, 82% saw improvements in hair thickness, and 75% said their hair seemed shinier.5

If you’re interested in such a supplement, try Hairfluence. Made with both Keranat® and Lustriva®, our formula provides MSM, biotin, silica from bamboo extract, and B vitamins that work synergistically to support beautiful, voluminous hair.* This combination of ingredients not only helps support healthy-looking hair, but also provides essential proteins, vitamins, and minerals to support radiant skin and strong nails.

If You Care About Your Hair

It’s been said that nothing beats a good hair day. Fortunately, there are valuable nutrients that can help support healthy hair to help give you as many good hair days as possible. No matter what your ethnicity or hair type, a combination of essential nutrients can help you have the vibrant, full, shiny hair you are looking for.

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