Elderberry Syrup

YOUR SUPERIOR IMMUNITY SUPPORT. Elderberry is used around the world as an immunity booster that delivers potent antioxidants to help support immune system health while fighting off free radicals in the body.

FORMULATED FOR DEFENSE. This unique formula combines just the right amount of organic elderberry, organic raw honey, organic apple cider vinegar, propolis, and echinacea to make sure you’re giving your body everything it needs to maintain a strong defense.

ANTIOXIDANT POWERHOUSE. Antioxidants are your wellness BFFs, working to fight off free radicals and keep your body healthy, balanced, and functioning properly. Elderberry is heralded for its antioxidant power, supporting your immune system year-round.

POTENT AND PURE. Created with the highest quality organic ingredients without any artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. Our Elderberry Syrup is tested for purity and potency so you can trust it to get the job done and help you power through any season.

"Huge fan of this product. I mix it with hot water to make a tea. Good tasting and positive feeling supplement..."




Echinacea is a popular herb that has long been used for its antioxidant properties and health benefits that include immune support.

Organic Elderberry

Elderberries contain naturally occurring flavonoids that deliver powerful antioxidant protection and help support the immune system.

Organic Raw Honey

Packed with antioxidants, honey’s properties help boost immune strength and fight free radicals.

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Made from fermented apples, apple cider vinegar contains beneficial bacteria and prebiotics that can help support immune health.