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Your first purchase of Zhou gummies and powders is 20% OFF and we offer a 30-day money back guarantee.
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    Superfruit Max Gummies

    Super-fuel your day with this powerful antioxidant blend in a delicious gummy formula. Superfruit Max features 13 superfruits that are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Our blend provides 500 mcg of vitamin A, an important vitamin for immune health.

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    Daily Greens

    Organic Daily Greens combines the goodness of 8 greens in total—including barley, kale, alfalfa and moringa—which are carefully harvested to retain their nutritional value. It’s never been easier to incorporate two servings of fruits & veggies into your daily routine.

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    Daily Reds

    Organic Daily Reds harnesses the power of red superfoods such as tart cherry, beet root, goji berry and cranberry to pack a powerful antioxidant punch. The generous supply of essential nutrients like vitamin C is good for the body and the refreshing berry flavor is good for the tongue. 

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  • dailyblues-productimg.png__PID:747134af-1050-446e-b8a8-f495b273f232

    Daily Blues

    Organic Daily Blues harmoniously blends mind- and mood-friendly superfoods like acacia, spirulina and maqui into an ultra-potent powder mix. The combined goodness promotes mental clarity and mood support, and with its natural blueberry flavor, those benefits never tasted so good.

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Savings worth savoring

Unhealthy processed foods are often the cheapest—but not with Zhou. A serving of Organic Daily Greens costs $0.66 and contains 2 full servings of fruits and veggies. That’s pure, potent, and cheaper than potato chips. 

The not-so-secret ingredient to our success: transparency.

Zhou is proud to show every seed, every extract, every mineral, every detail of our rigorous testing process because we’ve got nothing to hide. No skip lot testing—just integrity.

Gummies and powders are quick, convenient, and ready immediately.

Our organic daily powders dissolve in water, juice, smoothies—whatever beverage you’re already having—in seconds. Gummies are even easier: just pop one in. 

  • Supergreens Max Gummies

    These gummies tasted amazing and I actually notice a difference in how I felt everyday while taking this product.


    -Vanessa B

  • Superfruit Max Gummies

    I absolutely LOVE the way these taste. And I like there is no added sugar.

    -Rachel S

  • Daily Reds

    Tart Cherry and Beetroot Powder all over the internet so I thought I'd try them. So yummy! Definitely Recommend.

    -Patton E

  • Daily Blues

    I've had KSM-66 Ashwa in a gummy before, but I prefer mixing this into my morning smoothie.

    -Chad S

  • Daily Greens

    I really like the price point and it makes getting my greens a lot easier.

    -Dylan K