DIM Active


Product Description

Healthy Hormones

Activated broccoli seed extract has naturally-occurring diindolylmethane to support healthy hormone metabolism and balance.

Youthful Energy

Our advanced formula combines broccoli seed extract with vitamin C, vitamin E, and BioPerine, which may support energy and stamina.

Healthy Aging

Hormone metabolism is especially important as we age. DIM Active is designed to keep your system back on track and help you feel like your youthful self.

Sometimes when you’re on the go it’s tough to get all of your greens. But missing out on greens also means missing out on their nutritional benefits that support healthy aging, boosted vitality, and hormone balance in both men and women. Our advanced formula combines activated broccoli seed extract, which contains naturally-occuring diindolylmethane, with vitamin C, vitamin E, and BioPerine. What you get is a formula designed to provide you nutrients for that youthful energy you crave.

Featured Ingredients

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