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Maca Root

Ancient doesn’t have to mean out of date – Maca root is proof of that. It’s been used for thousands of years to help support sexual function, fertility and libido in both men and women. And it helps to increase energy while also supporting your overall health and wellness. So whether you’re trying to bump up the vitality levels inside or outside of the bedroom, Maca Root can give you the boost you need to succeed.

When we say “Made in the USA,” we mean it. Tucked away in the heart of Utah’s Wasatch mountains, our lab and manufacturing facility are FDA-inspected and follow Good Manufacturing Practices, so you can be confident that your supplements are top notch and truly being made close to home.

"I began taking this product almost two weeks ago. After just a few days I have experienced a natural, jitter-free energy level and overall alertness...I have also noticed a nice increase in my libido and sexual performance. Overall I can say that this is a great product that will stay in my supplement rotation."

- Justin


Red Maca Root

Red Maca is the highest in phytonutrients and helps to support female fertility, energy, and libido. It may also help to lessen menopausal symptoms.

Black Maca Root

Black Maca is known for supporting male fertility, libido, muscle building and stamina while also helping with memory and concentration.

Yellow Maca Root

As the most heavily researched root, Yellow Maca is designed to support all health concerns, bringing holistic support to the body and mind.

Tri-Root Blend

Our scientists have blended all three colors to create a 100% Organic Maca Root formula, delivering 1000mg of maca per serving to give you the most potent and effective blend possible.